• e-manage One Business Management Software

    Do you want to see the software that the Monday Morning Quarterback says is “Changing Face of Industry”?
    e-manage One for Windows, Web and Mobile Devices is much more than you would expect from a software and if you give us 1 hour on-line, we will show you what we showed this reporter and what inspired this article.
    e-manage One is designed to run your entire business from Marketing, through Project Management, Installation and service and Job Costing and Final Profit. To top it all off, we integrate with QuickBooks, the most widely used accounting software ever.
    Just give us a call @ (619) 550-2725 or e-mail sales@marketplacesoftware.biz
    View the entire article in the NeoCon Preview Issue of the Monday Morning Quarterback at www.mmqb.com
  • CRM

    CRM (Customer Relationship Management), What does it really mean? For e-manage One users it means making it easier for your customers and vendors to do business with their companies. Every module of e-manage is about your relationship with your customers and vendors including quick turnaround of quotes, accurate and timely information at the fingertips of every user, every department in their companies communicating effectively with complete accountability, quick access to every e-mail, document and note made on a contact, company location, project, service contact, serviceable item, service ticket, asset, etc.
    Using one software for every aspect of business gives every user the information to help customers and provide accurate orders to your vendors.
  • Project Management

    Easy to use opportunity tracking automatically builds projection reports.
    Public Bid / Competitor Tracking helps your business stay competitive by compiling historical win/loss data.
    Customizable imports from Excel, .sif, Configura, auto-calculating parts, extensive discounting options, and customizable Crystal Reports make one-click quoting a reality for your salespeople. Quotes can be printed on the fly from any smart phone or tablet.
    Automatic PO generation based on the quote(s) chosen by your customer create accurate orders for your vendors.
    QuickBooksTM Integerated – All Deposits, Payables, Receivables, Credit Card Charges, and Journal Entries are pushed to QuickBooks 2009 or above with one click. End of month WIP entries are a thing of the past. e-manage One automates the WIP process automatically as customers are invoiced
    Extensive analysis tools give your company the agility to make important decisions on the fly based on historical data.
  • Workflow

    e-manage customizable workflow (known as action items) allows you to create your unique business process per project type and pre-assign each task to groups of users that will be responsible for completing the tasks.
    Customizable pre-requisites are assigned to each task as necessary, giving the user a checklist of items required before submitting an action item for processing.
    Customizable completion tasks are assigned to each action item, giving the user(s) checking out and working on the task a checklist of items required to mark as completed.
    Percent complete, expected completion dates, turn around time, and internal project cost (HR integrated) round out the module.
    Documents can be attached directly to action items on submit and completion so your users do not have to go searching for them when trying to do their job.
    Extensive analysis illuminates bottlenecks by department, group, user, or workflow proces item at will.
  • Installation and Service

    Do you install and / or service what you sell?
    e-manage comes complete with not only the best and most effective installation calendar, but a full service module with serviceable items, service agreements (extended warranty), preventative maintenance scheduling and service tickets.
    Up to 30 calendars can be dynamically configured with color coding for each scheduled item by type or division.
    Service Agreement Profit and Loss statements track the profitability of your service department individually or as a whole.
    Automated invoice creation by billing cycle allows you to determine how service agreements are billed.
    Our mobile web portal allows your service technicians to create and update service tickets from their smart phone or tablet.
  • Human Resources

    e-manage Human Resources module tracks unlimited employees including PTO and sick days, performance reviews, pay rates – including prevailing wage, emergency contacts and HR Documents.
    Use the Actual Cost Per Hour rate to calculate job cost for installers and service technicians, and costing for sales and office support personnel against projects and jobs as internal project cost.
    Pre-installed export formats for ADP and Paychex Software.
    QuickBooks 2009 and above Payroll Integration.
    Web based time clock with geocoding allows your technicians to clock in on the road and shows you on a map how far from the jobsite they were when clocking in, out. Includes drive time to and from jobsite.

  • Document Management

    Don’t be fooled by other software promising you document management and giving you a place to store shortcuts to documents that are easily broken. With e-manage Document Management your documents are stored inside of the database and attached to the record they are associated with for easy, no hassle access anywhere in the world.
    With the robust revisioning system, users can modify documents while keeping every revision and the accountability that comes along with not editing the original document.
    Documents can easily be sent via e-mail directly from within e-manage and the e-mail automatically saved to e-manage with the Microsoft Outlook integration, or view and e-mail documents from any mobile device.
    “My Company Documents” feature allows you to store all company wide documents in a virtual network drive for access from anywhere.
  • QuickBooksTM Integration

    Already use QuickBooksTM? It is the most popular accounting software in the world and is the standard for accountants everywhere.
    We integrate your project and service income and expenses, customer deposits, and payroll (or use ADP or Paychex integrations) completely and with absolutely no double entry.
    Run multiple companies in e-manage with separate QuickBooksTM company files with our auto-switching corporate divisions.
    “Push” information to QuickBooksTM from any computer, anywhere with our Remote Data Service Integration without having QuickBooksTM installed on the remote computer

All new e-manage One: 14 years in the making

Have you been searching for technology that will help your business reach its top 3 goals?
  1. Make your company a better place to work for your employees. Change the culture – you probably hear “I didn’t get that”, “You didn’t tell me that”, “I can’t find it” all the time. This is first and most noticeable change you will see in your company the minute you start using e-manage One with notes/alert that can’t be deleted or edited, action items with pre-requisites and completion tasks, so everyone knows what’s expected of them and what to do without having to ask.
  2. Make doing business with your company easy. Is it easy for your vendors to work with you? e-manage One provides clean, accurate purchase orders and stores acknowledgements in easy to read grids, so your people are not calling your vendors constantly to ask for the information they have already provided. Quickly provide projected forecasts to your vendor of up-coming potential sales and their values. The e-manage One customer web portal lets you give access to your customers to start new large projects that automatically alerts the salesperson and creates an automated action item request to a specified department to start work. Never miss an installation. When an order is booked it is automatically added to your To Be Scheduled Queue and stays there until added to your calendar. Need to reschedule? Drag and drop to the next available day.
  3. Grow your business. e-manage One Portfolio is a searchable catalog of your work that is built as you go and is accessible from any mobile device. Show customer, industry specific jobs you have done to new potential customers. Use geo-coding to show jobs within a specified radius and set the Is Reference setting and take your potential customer to a friendly referral. Placing the main focus on your customer and not your internal politics, internal policy management, searching for information and documents will help make you your customers’ number one referral partner. Learn from your History with built in analytics including Salesperson Close Ratios, Customer Close Ratios, and Work Flow Process Analysis.

e-manage One stands alone in the world of business management software. With features designed for automation, your users will spend less time on data entry and searching through endless folders on a hard drive.

Automation is the key to efficiency in any business and e-manage One delivers. Nearly every function of e-manage is configurable for automation, not only nearly eliminating data entry, but also taking decision making power from the user and keeping it with management for "top down" policy adherence Automation is the key to efficiency in any business and e-manage One delivers. Nearly every function of e-manage One is configurable for automation, not only nearly eliminating data entry, but also taking decision making power from the user and keeping it with management for "top down" policy adherence.
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